The Saturn Server Network

A group of Minecraft servers and modpacks working together under a single flag.

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These are the modpacks developed or maintained by us.



Explore new worlds, planets and dimensions in GATES! Ionaru's brand-new modpack focused around the use of Stargates. With magical and technological weaponry at your disposal, no enemy can stand in your way!

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Technolution Advanced

Who told you technology is easy? In Technolution it's definitely not! We use technological and gameplay mods that will provide a Minecraft experience like you've never seen before!

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About Us

The Saturn Server Network is a group of Minecraft modpacks and servers working together, supporting each other and providing exposure to the other modpacks under this brand.

Our goal is to provide the players a wide range of different modpacks to choose from, and be able to switch to a different modpack, while still benefiting from the features that The Saturn Server offers it's players.

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The Saturn Server Network
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