Technolution Advanced

You think technology is easy?
In Technolution it's definitely not! We use technological and gameplay mods that will provide a Minecraft experience like you've never had before!

Modpack Information

Technolution Advanced brings you the best in technological mods currently available. Tying together mods in ways that have never been done before!

With all these different mods, there are infitite ways of setting up machines to automate a huge number of tasks. By playing this modpack, you will be challenged to create the most complex machine setup you have ever built!

Notable Mods


Technolution Advanced is in full development, expect frequent updates and additions.

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You are free to create, publish and monetise Youtube videos playing Technolution Advanced, videos submitted to Ionaru might be posted on this page.

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Server Files

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How To Install A Technic Modpack

Welcome to this quick and easy tutorial on how to install a modpack using the Technic Launcher.

Carefully read and follow the instructions in this tutorial to prevent unwanted damage to your system.

Part 1 - Setting up your Technic Launcher. If you already have your Technic Launcher set-up, go to part 2

Step 1.

To play a Technic Modpack, you will need the Technic Launcher program on your computer, you can download it from Choose the correct operating system and save it to a location you can easily access (preferably your desktop or games folder).

Side note: The Technic Launcher requires Java on your computer to run, just like Minecraft. Make sure you are using the latest 64-bit version of Java for maximum performance and security. Download Java from the official website

Step 1

Step 2.

Start the Technic Launcher by double-clicking on the application icon.

Step 2

Step 3.

Log in with your Mojang username (email) and password.

Step 3

Step 4.

We'll need to check if the Launcher uses your correct Java version and if it's memory settings are correct. To do this, click on "Launcher Settings".

Step 4

Step 5.

Under the tab "Java Settings", check if "Minecraft Java Version" is set to "Latest 64-Bit (1.8.0_XX)"

Set "Memory" as high as possible.

Step 5

End of Part 1.

Now your Technic Launcher is all set-up for the installation of modpacks!

Part 2 - Adding a Modpack. Modpack used as example: GATES.

Step 6.

To add a modpack, you need to search for it on the Technic Platform. Once you have found the modpack, click on "Install This Modpack" to copy the Platform URL.

Step 6

Step 7.

Back in the Technic Launcher, paste the link you just copied into the Modpack Search Field. Click on the Modpack that pops up to see a little info about that Modpack.

Step 7

Step 8.

To install the Modpack, click on "Install". The modpack will now start downloading all the required files.

Step 8

Step 9.

Once the download has finished, click "Play" to launch the modpack.

Step 9

Step 10.

Have fun playing Modpacks using the Technic Launcher!

Step 10

End of Part 2.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed a modpack using the Technic Launcher!

To add other modpacks, repeat part 2 of this tutorial.

Mods in Technolution Advanced

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Technolution Advanced server downloads

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